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Interview with Zinester Jolie Noggle

Our Zine Anthology deadline is fast approaching, which means it’s time to get those last minute submissions in for publishing consideration! For those of you who are still anxious about your creative abilities, or just need that final push of zinespiration – take some zine making advice from punk rock zine creator Jolie Noggle!

Hannah Neurotica: What was it like making your very first zine?

Jolie Noggle: It was fun doing my own zine for the very first time, but also very frustrating because I didn’t think anyone would like it. I really wanted my friends to help me because I didn’t want to do it alone. No one was interested so I gave it up for awhile. I didn’t do a zine for years because I was too afraid and insecure to do one by myself. When I finally did do one, it was the greatest feeling in the world! It felt great to put together something of my very own and trade it for other zines and creations made by other girls! It was awesome!

Hannah: What are five tips you would give to someone who was intimidated by making their first zine?

Jolie: As I mentioned, it took me years to be brave enough to write my own zine! My first tip would be to NOT be afraid to say what you want and write about whatever is on your mind, because what you have to say is important!

Second, don’t listen to the haters! Not everyone is going to like your zine. This is easier said than done, but don’t take it to heart if someone criticizes your zine. It can be a learning experience….

Third, do your own thing! When I did my first zine, it wasn’t anything like other zines I had read, which made me self-conscious. Don’t try to make your zine like someone else’s…. you have your own style so do it how you want. Let your personality shine!

Fourth, even though I have been criticized for using shortened words in my zines, such as “yer” and “becos” I say screw proper grammar! Not everyone is good at spelling and it shouldn’t be an issue in a zine, but that’s just my opinion. If you are insecure about it, don’t even worry. It’s more about the material and the substance of the zine. I’m more focused on the writing or the story, not about how it’s spelled or if words are capitalized properly or if you used the correct punctuation.

 And, last but not least, don’t ever think your zine isn’t good enough! I must confess, I dealt with insecurities about people comparing my zine to theirs and I let it get to me for many years. It took awhile for me to overcome some of these fears. I think everyone is intimidated at first. It gets easier and you get more comfortable. It just takes time.


Zine Making 101–A Workshop with Hannah Neurotica

First, a big thank you to all of the wonderful callers from the past two ZINECORE RADIO shows! Your passionate views, personal stories, poetry, and thoughts on Planned Parenthood were much appreciated.

Now, down to business:

Hannah Neurotica (of huge ZINE fame and host of ZINECORE RADIO!) is hosting ZINE MAKING 101 Workshop in Keene, NH! Join her for an afternoon of DIY zine-art making. If you are new to Zines, come and learn. If you are a veteran/pro zine maker, come share your tricks!

Zine Making 101 Workshop with Hannah Neurotica
Saturday, April 23, 2011
Keene Public Library, The Kay Fox Room
Keene, NH
Cost: FREE!

We hope you’ll leave the workshop feeling inspired and read to submit a piece for our PPNNE Zine Anthology project (hint, hint!).

You’ll start by sifting through a massive collection of zines. If you are new to the zine world, this is the best way to get a sense of not only what zines are, and how fun and accessible they can be. Once everyone has browsed, you will write prompts. (Don’t worry…you don’t have to share! This is just a fun way to get your creative juices flowing help you land on a topic for your own zine.) Finally, you will begin the hands-on process of zine creation. All participants will be encouraged to submit their finished zine to the PPNNE Zine Anthology.

Basic art supplies will be provided, but feel free to bring your own, including old magazines for cutting up. 

We also encourage you to bring the following (but are not required):

  • Yourself (ok, this one is required if you want to participate :))
  • A friend or family member.
  • Personal journals, photos, scrapbooks (make copies of original photos you will want to use), or any other inspirational piece.
  • Old magazines for cutting.

Questions? Email zines@ppnne.org. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you and teaching you all about zines on April 23rd!

There is no wrong way to make a zine

As promised, we want to send periodic updates to help inspire your ‘zines….

There is no wrong way to make a zine.

No, Seriously. Whether you decide to make things look intentionally messy or take a super neat approach to your project, there is no wrong way to make a zine.

You need some paper, something to put on the paper, and a photocopier to reproduce and share your work. The content can be newly written text, old diary entries, images, stories, collages, blog posts, etc.

Here are three ideas to help get you going. “Zinespiration” never hurts!

Ranting is a good thing!  It releases your anger, passion, rage…start writing and let your feelings pour out about anything. A crappy magazine article about body image, protestors at Planned Parenthood…it is all rant-worthy. We want the truth in our anthology–mistakes and all. Don’t worry about it being perfect.

If you talk with people in your life, you might hear stories about their experiences with Planned Parenthood over the years.  Connect with your mom /dad/grandparents/anyone who might such a story. Ask questions, record answers, paste the text (maybe add some photos?) and voila! Zine!

Alison Piepmeier of Girl Zines once said, “In a world where more and more of us spend all day at our computers, zines reconnect us to our bodies and to other human beings.”  This is especially true about zines based on interviews—you’ll connect with others by sharing their stories.

Journal Entries
Most Planned Parenthood health centers have a journal in the waiting room for patients to share their stories and experiences. The journal entries cover a broad range: happy, sad,  indifferent,  advice…. What would you write in a Planned Parenthood journal? If a person came into a Planned Parenthood for the first time, what would you want them to know? How was your first visit?

There are so many ideas for starting points. Have fun and share your results with us.