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The Selection Process

Last week, we had the privilege of looking through all the awesome ‘zine submissions for our first-ever PPNNE ‘Zine Anthology! We were thrilled to read your courageous stories, look at your art, and even laugh at your funny, yet poignant comics (ah, the joys of a pap smear).

It’s amazing how the subject matter of sexual health—birth control, abortion, STDs, pleasure—brought out such different stories and points of view. It also showed us just how similar we all are. These similarities will tie the ‘zine anthology together in such a unique, interesting way…and we think it’s going to be rad!

For the zines we want to include in the anthology, we’ll be reaching out to zine artists very soon. Be on the lookout for our email.

In the meantime, check out some of the past episodes of ZINECORE radio. It features some of those zinesters and comic artists who will fill our pages. Hannah Neurotica will announce a brand spankin’ new ZINECORE Radio episode dedicated to this project very soon. To celebrate the completion of the anthology, she’ll feature live readings from the book. Sneak peak, anyone? You don’t want to miss it.

Until then…keep up your courage & creativity!