Do I have to live in New England to submit?

Nope.  We just happen to be in New England.  We accept submissions from anywhere.

What if I want to submit a poem or something?

If it is layed out by hand and isn’t larger than 8.5 inches x 8.5 inches, it is fine.

I am new to ‘zines and don’t understand the dimensions.  How does that work?

Our book will be a perfect square:  8.5 x8.5 inches. Try to make those proportions work.  If it has different ones, know we may have to shrink or enlarge it.

Can I submit paper copy?

You can submit any way you like, but please don’t submit originals.  We can’t return them.  Submit paper copies of your work, or you can scan it to zines@ppnne.org.



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