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Very cool magazine montage via Pony XPress

Sex has always been used in advertising. But the type of sex and the bodies used are far from the average American. What kind of message does that send us? This is how bodies look, this is what men and women should want, and we are a commodity. All of us are being told what to be turned on by and we don’t buy it!

Try this exercise.

Pretend you are holding a copy of Cosmo or any glossy magazine in your hands and all of the make-up ads, diet tips, and fashion spreads magically disappear: all you are left with is a booklet of blank white pages. What would you put on those pages if you had control? Articles on what real bodies look like? Honest articles about birth control? Real stories from both men and women about their sex lives?

PPNNE is asking you to put some blank pages together and share one of your own stories. Draw a comic! Share stories about what it was really like losing your virginity, your first erection, masturbation, anything! What thoughts come to mind when you think about getting a pap smear? Did you ever worry about STDs or have an experience with pregnancy?  Is sex something your family talked about? Let’s make real sex talk more accessible and open. Create your ‘zine and submit it to the PPNNE Zine Anthology.

Join Hannah Neurotica and Sage Adderley on a new episode of ZINECORE Radio for more inspiration!

Host: Hannah Neurotica and Sage Adderley
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Want to learn about ‘zines hands-on? Check out Hannah Neurotica’s ‘Zine Making 101 Workshop.

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There is no wrong way to make a zine

As promised, we want to send periodic updates to help inspire your ‘zines….

There is no wrong way to make a zine.

No, Seriously. Whether you decide to make things look intentionally messy or take a super neat approach to your project, there is no wrong way to make a zine.

You need some paper, something to put on the paper, and a photocopier to reproduce and share your work. The content can be newly written text, old diary entries, images, stories, collages, blog posts, etc.

Here are three ideas to help get you going. “Zinespiration” never hurts!

Ranting is a good thing!  It releases your anger, passion, rage…start writing and let your feelings pour out about anything. A crappy magazine article about body image, protestors at Planned Parenthood…it is all rant-worthy. We want the truth in our anthology–mistakes and all. Don’t worry about it being perfect.

If you talk with people in your life, you might hear stories about their experiences with Planned Parenthood over the years.  Connect with your mom /dad/grandparents/anyone who might such a story. Ask questions, record answers, paste the text (maybe add some photos?) and voila! Zine!

Alison Piepmeier of Girl Zines once said, “In a world where more and more of us spend all day at our computers, zines reconnect us to our bodies and to other human beings.”  This is especially true about zines based on interviews—you’ll connect with others by sharing their stories.

Journal Entries
Most Planned Parenthood health centers have a journal in the waiting room for patients to share their stories and experiences. The journal entries cover a broad range: happy, sad,  indifferent,  advice…. What would you write in a Planned Parenthood journal? If a person came into a Planned Parenthood for the first time, what would you want them to know? How was your first visit?

There are so many ideas for starting points. Have fun and share your results with us.