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Stand with Planned Parenthood by getting creative!

As a strong supporter of Planned Parenthood and a feminist zine artist/activist, I have been given the rare and incredible opportunity to work with PPNNE on their very first ‘zine anthology. When we started this project I was already totally on board with the significance of putting together a book like this. But, the recent votes to defund Planned Parenthood have lit a new fire under me.  

For some women, the services Planned Parenthood provides, such as pap smears, cervical cancer screenings, testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, breast exams, birth control, etc., is the ONLY form of health care they have. This legislation is the most dangerous assault in our history, and it cannot go unanswered.  Planned Parenthood and the three million women, men, and teens who are at risk of losing access to basic care need you to stand united with us.

Now is the time to open your mouth, whip out a pen, pound on your computer/typewriter/notebook, talk with your friends/family/communities, sign petitions, contact your local representatives, donate to the organization,  etc! We want your art, stories, comics, photographs, and anything that can be committed to paper for our zine anthology.  We can’t take this blow to our basic human rights without a fight.

In the previous post, I gave examples of what to make for this anthology—one of which was a RANT. I cannot think of a better time to rant and rave!

One of my favorite aspects of zine making is the acceptance of flaws; the idea that flaws are part of the art. Don’t be afraid to write sentences that run on. Don’t be embarrassed by improper grammar. Don’t feel caged by trying to be neat and tidy. We want an explosion of passion! Bring us your roaring voices!  No experience other then your own personal experiences/thoughts/observations required.

The PPNNE ZINE ANTHOLOGY is taking submissions from all over the country and beyond. Let’s take this opportunity and SPEAK OUT in a place where we know we will be heard. This book cannot be birthed into existence with your contributions. We want your submissions!

Come brainstorm and get inspired by on the next episode of ZINECORE RADIO.

ZINECORE RADIO #20: Planned Parenthood SPEAK OUT & Open Mic 
Date: March 10, 2011
Time: 8pm EST

Just like the last episode, a chat room will be open during the live show so you can take part in a conversation with other listeners and get interactive! If you would like to come on the show and vent, read from your zine, share a PP experience, please contact me and we will make it happen