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Launching our ‘zine Project

Welcome to the PPNNE’s ‘Zine Anthology blog! (We’re pretty excited about this project.)

Some basics:

‘Zine Defined
We all know what a magazine is, but not everyone is familiar with a ‘zine (pronounced “zeen”).

“Zines are cheaply made printed forms of expression on any subject. They are like mini magazines or homemade comic books about favorite bands, funny stories, sub-cultures, persona collections,comix anthologies, diary entries, pathetic report cards, chain restaurants , and anything else…” (From book Whatcha Mean, What’s a Zine? The Art of Making Zines and Mini Comics by Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson (2006)) 

Planned Parenthood’s Obsession with this Project
Sexuality means many things to many people. Everyone has different experiences and different beliefs surrounding it—all of which are completely valid truths.  We want this ‘zine project to flush out those truths. By creating an anthology of real stories from real people, we hope to show the world just how fluid sexuality is and, hopefully, open some minds in the process.

We want your ‘zine submissions and then we want to print them (boldly, anonymously, however you want to be acknowledged), so other people can see they are not alone, feel inspired, angered, encouraged…..

Creating ‘Zines
Whether you’ve been making ‘zines for years or don’t know the first thing about creating one, we hope you’ll consider sharing your story.

Now what?
Want to be part of this? Check out our guidelines—it’s full of the dirty details and disclaimers.

Check back here often! We’ll be bringing you ideas, prompts, zinespirational’ quotes, and more.

‘zinely yours,

PPNNE, in collaboration with Hannah Neurotica